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Friday, August 31, 2007

The Eleven Plus and Christmas day

We are in the middle of the wettest summer in recorded history. Floods have devastated the lives of families. Some families will never recover treasured possessions. Children, however, are very resilient. Christmas is around the corner.

What then are the key presents any self respecting eleven plus child would want?

For some children any new offering from `World Wresting Entertainment’ would be gratefully received. The strange looking bodies, the grunts and slams do interest some children – even bright ten year olds.

Other children may be more interested in a game or activity associated with `Animal Hospital on Safari’. A lot of children dream about becoming a vet or working with animals.

It would be interesting to discover how few children would like their own ironing board. I wonder what your child’s reaction would be if you offered a deluxe ironing station. You would be able to point out on Christmas Day the benefits of the rolling wheels, the undergarment shelf and the dual-sided locking arm.

Some may enjoy a book on how to take brilliant digital pictures. (This would be a useful throw-in present for any self respecting ten year old – especially if they had a new phone with a new camera.)

What about a set of Yamaha Digital Drums? This would be a set of drums with eight touch sensitive drums and two touch sensitive foot pedals. You child would be able to drum along to tunes from the ipod (Given last Christmas – and subsequently superseded by newer ipods with more songs and more memory.)

How do the words: “The Eleven Plus and Christmas” fit? You could offer even more downloadable eleven plus papers. I am sure these would be gratefully received on Christmas morning by a majority of eleven plus children.

If there are better suggestions pleas let me know.

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