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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Eleven Plus Traffic

I hope that some of our very bright eleven plus children will become involved with the Highways industry.

I went from Gravesend to Chelmsford this morning. This is a distance off just under 40 miles. It took an hour and forty minutes but it was the road works that held us up. When we see the scale, however, of the construction that is going on we can understand why there are delays. So now to the jobs our eleven plus children could do:

Travelling Entertainer
There comes a time when the incar ipod and DVD become redundant. Even the humble book can be thrown to one side as the car inches forward.

The travelling entertainer, who would have passed an eleven plus examination in entertaining, would be able to make up, and perform, the: `Are we nearly there?’ refrain.

Over and Under Specialist
This must be the best job in the whole of the network system. The person who plans the large and complex routes over and under major road systems must wake up every morning with a large smile.

Think about the control the over and under specialist has to be able to move cars and lorries in large sweeps over the earth.

What a job!

Traffic Light Controller
This is another key and important post. Our eleven plus child could learn how to control traffic. We met a set of traffic lights that allowed three cars to pass on green – but about thirty to come through while we waited on red. To be able to manage this must give so much pleasure and feelings of power.

“Bring it on!”

The Actual Workers
We also need to consider the poor men and women who have to continue to do the actual work in the driving rain. They must have been soaked and cold. One of our eleven plus children may land up as a leader of men and women. He or she may be able to improve the working conditions and pay of these outside workers.

I think we passed through five sets of road works. I know that future generations will be able to have smoother and quieter journeys so we can’t really complain.

Perhaps tomorrow will be better.

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