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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Congratulations on 'A' Level Results

All day long we have been hearing `A’ level results. We have had over a hundred young men and women who have been waiting anxiously for their results. As we hear the results the voices on the telephone seem to have changed. The relief is there – and so too is the knowledge that what is done is done.

We have heard of a few who obtained a lower than predicted grade and still got into the university and course of their choice. No one has phoned us yet who has had to make do with second best.

We can just say congratulations and well done to everyone. We wish you well in the future – and thank you very much for working with us. We know that you have contributed so much to our children who are working on eleven plus courses and other work.

I was teaching on one of our eleven plus courses today and looked at the bright young ten year olds and wondered about their results would be in the future. We know that the psychologists have worked out that results on verbal reasoning tests correlate most highly with success in future GCSE and `A’ level examinations. The better you can do Eleven Plus Verbal reasoning papers the better you will do at the end of secondary school. There must be some form of statistical relationship between the ability to score highly on a verbal reasoning test and the ability to be able to make lots of money later on in life.

When your eleven year old reaches eighteen you will only be able to listen to their thoughts and ideas. I am sure they will still listen to your advice but you know full well that they will what they want to do. A ten year old is a lot more malleable. As parents you still have power.

Another bit of information has just come through about one of our girls who has won 4 Grade A levels. She is friends with `Sam’ who is doing a mathematics degree – and obtained a first class pass in the end of year examinations. Sam will complete a M.A. at the end of her Fourth Year. She will then need to spend a further three years on her doctorate. This gives her seven years of dedicated study. In her mind her future is mapped out – and she knows what she wants to do well into the future.

Hard work coupled with ability make a potent combination.

Once again, well done to everyone on their 'A' level results. Once again - thank you for all your hard work.

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