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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Eleven Plus Boredom

The only way to stop your bright and able child telling you that he or she is bored is to try to offer an activity that will not be boring.

This is not so easy.

"I have already read a book about that."

"I have seen it on T.V."

"We have got it on DVD."

"I went there with my friend."

"I am really too old for that now, It was all right when I was six but I am eleven now. No thank you."

"Remember? We researched that on the internet last holiday."

So if you are going to survive without offering the alternative of extra Eleven Plus work then you will need to negotiate. Try to find something that will interest him or her. After all it is your Easter holiday too. All you want to do is avoid any emotional problems. Don't you?

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