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Monday, March 24, 2008

Eleven Plus Questions

Bright children enjoy solving problems.

Some bright children enjoy solving some problems.

Do you know of any bright children who enjoy solving problems?

If at least one of the above statements is true we can set a little Eleven Plus question.

The Great Pyramid is supposed consist of 6 000 000 tons of stone. Each block weighed 2.5 tons and was cut to shape with very careful exactitude of angle and surface. Herodotus thought that it took 100 000 men around twenty years to build.

This was a tremendous feat as the blocks had to be brought down the River Nile by boat. Building the Great Pyramid must have taken a lot organisation.

The Eleven Plus questions are:

If there had been 200 000 men working on the pyramid would the task have been finished in 10 years?

If all the 100 000 men were going to work on an egg, how many eggs would be eaten each week?

Some Eleven Plus questions are a little far fetched aren’t they?

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