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Sunday, March 09, 2008

Eleven Plus Levels

From the 18th century up to the 1920s privately owned British provincial banks circulated their own notes. This meant that if you owned a bank you could design and print your own bank notes. In today’s world many of us would like to own a bank. The only problem is that Britain is subject to periodic financial crises.

The ability to print your own money must, however, still be very appealing. You simply need a good design package, a computer and a versatile printer. You could have your own likeness on one side, your own numbering system and your own batch of security measures. If you ran short of money all you would have to do is print a few more notes.

I don’t think that it would take very long for some enterprising parents to start designing their own Eleven Plus papers. If your child was very good at mathematics you could weight papers to work on the type of examples your child was good at. Suppose that he or she was good at Shape and Space – then you could add rotations and tessellations to your heart’s content.

Just think of the different non verbal reasoning papers you could build with all sorts of bendy lines and challenging examples.

It would be even easier to develop a range of verbal reasoning questions that suited you and your child. Easy money!

There could be a slight problem in having your papers ratified by the authorities. The pass mark you chose for your child may not be the same pass mark required by the authorities. Nothing much has changed has it?

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