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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Eleven Plus Congratulations

When we look at the question of a reward we need to make a distinction between a reward and a bribe.

If we promise a child a reward for doing something that he does not want to do then we are looking at a bribe.

If we give a `treat’ or a `gift’ after a really good piece of work, then we are offering a reward. It remains a reward as long as there are not too many repetitions and thus become habitual. If the child expects rewards after doing well then we are not really offering a reward.

I should imagine that the best form of reward must be praise. Very few of us can fail to remember heartfelt praise.

So very well done to all our children who have tried so hard in their Eleven Plus preparations. Congratulations to all who have passed. Commiserations to all who did not manage to achieve a grammar school place. We hope that the lottery for places works out.

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