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Friday, March 07, 2008

Wearing Special Eleven Plus Gloves

There may be a slim chance that a development by an American called Craig Heller can be of use to children writing Eleven Plus examinations.

He invented `the glove’. The glove is a vacuum cooling device used to cool body temperature.

Parents of children writing their Eleven Plus examinations fifty years ago would have made little sense of telling their overheated child to `cool it’.

We also know that muscles get hot when they are used and need to cool down. (In the same way you need to warm the brain up before an examination.) All top athletes need to warm up and then cool down.

So as the Eleven Plus brain is a muscle it also needs to worm up and then cool down – hence Mr Heller.

He worked on the blood cells in the palm of the hand. Heating or cooling the palm of the hand is much faster method of controlling heat in the body. (Some people put on gloves to drive their cars – possibly to warn up very quickly!) Craig Heller developed a glove to enable the body to shed lots of heat very quickly.

People who wore the glove, when the glove was cooling them down, were able to endure between fifty and a hundred per cent longer. Imagine your child being able to concentrate for 50 to 100% longer.

A child wearing the glove would be able to get into grammar school where other children would be penalised.

Think of your appeal letter.

Dear Sirs

My child did not get into your school.

The vacuum pump in his special “Eleven Plus Glove” (EPG) broke down and I could not get a spare to him in time for the examination.

I let him use mine in the examination but my monitor is set to raise my endurance on the treadmill.

I know I should have ordered another `EPG’ from the manufacturers but they are very expensive. My one cost just over £20 000.

Please help him to write the examination again when he is wearing his glove.

Thank You.

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