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Monday, January 19, 2009

Choosing and Eleven Plus Tutor

At one time or another, parents will need to interview their prospective tutor. This could prove to be a little difficult if the tutor is well established and has a long waiting list. Add to the conundrum the knowledge that the tutor is popular and achieves very good results – why would you want to interview? It is easy. – it is your child and your money.

What has worked for many children may not work for your child. With doubts in your mind about the suitability of the tutor – you then need to prepare some questions.

If you had to list the top three practical ways of achieving good eleven plus results with my child, what would they be?

What practical steps will you take to ensure that my child is happy and contented under your care?

How will you challenge and support my child with eleven plus work?

What pedagogical and organisational transformation do you hope to achieve?

How will any work on the eleven plus help to support and enrich the school’s curriculum?

What will be the main challenges you will face as you work with us a family?

Do you have the ability to be able to communicate with my child’s school?

What are the cost implications for us working with you towards the eleven plus?

Would you accept any input from us, or do you prefer to direct the progress towards the eleven plus?

Can my child bring any problems from home or school to the lessons?

If your prospective tutor answers these questions to your satisfaction – you are on to a winner and must feel confident.

After all you can say to yourself after the interview: “There, it was not so bad wasn’t it?”

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