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Monday, January 12, 2009

Eleven Plus Aliens 09/01/09

About a year ago it was obvious that a class was using this blog for some kind of insight into one form of education in England. Every week for around three months number of people logged on from a university in California. No one ever made a comment – but the majority of the readers stayed on the site for around three minutes. We wondered if this gave them enough time to read the previous week’s work.

Think of these Americans reading about the Eleven Plus.

What is the examination that is done on eleven year old children in England?

Do you think that it is really true that the examination has changed very little in the last fifty years?

Are all eleven year old children ready at the some time?

How do parents reward the children who pass?

How do parents counsel the children who do not pass?

What is a grammar school?

Compare and contrast the education and extra curricular activities in England and California

In our devotion to the eleven plus, we must see to be rather alien to educators looking at us from afar. Even if we are not aliens the eleven plus examination certainly different!

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