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Monday, January 12, 2009

A Fair Eleven Plus 08/01/09

The eleven plus examination was once an examination that was universally necessary. The examination was operated with great fairness.

Even in the areas where the eleven plus is still used as a form of assessment, the KS2 SATs tests at eleven still exist. The KS3 SATs tests have been abandoned throughout the country.

One day the some one will come up with a plan to call the GCSE examinations by a new name.

`A’ Level examinations are already being replaced in some schools by the Baccalaureate. The argument is that it is too early for a sixteen year old to specialise. At the moment all a university has to do is to say `Two A’s and a B’.

Some parents maintain that it is unfair for children to be selected for grammar school on the basis of only asking for mathematics and verbal reasoning marks.

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