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Monday, January 12, 2009

Eleven Plus Adrenalin 06/01/09

Some of us have been taught for many years that adrenalin prepares us for `fight, flight or fright’.

When a mum reassures her child that it will be `all right on the day’, we can possibly presume that the mum hopes that adrenalin will kick in. Some force will help her child to conjure up the right answers from the ether.

There have been many attempts to try to invent and build machines that can re-create themselves. Computers can be constructed to perform series of complicated calculations that would take the human brain almost a lifetime to perform.

Would it be possible to build a machine that would help a child to pass the eleven plus? The inventor would need to be able to store every single question that had been asked in actual examinations. All questions would need to be collected from all eleven plus specimen and practice papers. It would possibly also help if all the different explanations of eleven plus questions that given by teachers, tutors and parents were stored.

We would then have a vast database of information about the eleven plus. We could then ask the machine to prepare possible answers to the possible questions.

The machine would then need to be able to pass this information to your child. This simple act would save many hours of study, argument, frustration and joy. Could such an eleven plus machine exist?

It is far more likely that a well prepared child writing the eleven plus will have a much greater chance of passing the examination. After all before the eleven plus examination our eleven plus candidate will show lots of evidence of:


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