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Friday, January 02, 2009

Eleven Plus Questions 28/1208

Some schools add an interview to the selection process. This would strike fear into the hearts of some parents of pre eleven plus children. What happens if their child does not react well in the interview? There is enough to worry about how well a much loved child will complete in the right answers without worrying that the interview will not show the candidate in the best possible light.

What can go wrong?

Your child may talk too much.
Your child may talk too little.
Your child may be inattentive.
Your child may not listen.

On the other hand:

Your child may argue convincingly.
Your child may be able to demonstrate that he or she can solve a problem.
Your child may appear to be relaxed and articulate.
Your child may be able to demonstrate that he or she is aware of the importance of the interview.

So what words of advice can you offer?

Wait for the interviewer to finish the sentence. (Some child does seem to be inclined to butt in at times.)

If you do not understand the question ask for it to be repeated or reiterated.

Try to avoid being too dogmatic. (Even in an interview some one else can have a point of view.)

What questions might your child be asked?

What do you know about this school? (We once helped a pre 12+ pupil with ‘interview techniques’ and it was clear that he had no knowledge of the school at all. WE suggested that he should at the very least look at the web site!)

Do you like school?

Do you have any particular reasons for wanting to come to this school?

What ambitions do you have?

What books have you read lately?

Finally we come to the questions for the parents. (We presume they will be able to be interviewed too?)

Why do you want your son / daughter to come to this school?
Will you support the PTA?
How close to the school do you live?
Do you resent being interviewed?

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