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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Entry to Oxford and the Eleven PLus

I learnt about a little more about entrance to Oxford today. Some years ago an eight year girl came to us for enrichment. She started working on eleven plus work – and naturally achieved wonderful results.

We asked to help with our eleven plus children as soon as she was legally able to work. She was mature, thoughtful and wonderfully contained – and a fantastic role model for our eleven plus children.

She achieved outstanding GCSE results and is sitting her `A’ levels very shortly.

The results for TSA Oxford awards are reported on a scale that runs from 0 – 99. There are separate scores for Problem Solving and Critical Thinking.

The scale is devised so that typical university undergraduates will reach a score of around 60. 70 is a comparatively high score. “Only exceptional applicants will achieve scores higher than 80.”

She scored 94.8 on Problem Solving and 83.4 on Critical Thinking. Wow!

Congratulations to all the teachers who have worked with her at her primary school and grammar school. Very well done to all her family for their support. Naturally we wish her well in the future.

Think of the eleven plus children she has worked with in our center over the past years. Our eleven plus children will have benefited from one of the most able girls in the country.

You don’t make luck – you earn it!

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