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Monday, February 16, 2009

Eleven Plus Help from a Tutor

Dear Eleven Plus Tutor

Please help me. I hate using my brother’s old eleven plus papers. He has written all over them and I don’t like working over his scribbles. He was given new books. I know they are expensive but I think that I deserve new books too.

I wouldn’t mind working from his books but he makes these funny marks under answers which he thinks can not be right. I don’t always agree – but it is confusing.

Anon 10

Dear Eleven Plus Tutor

I hate eleven plus work. My mother keeps smiling and saying: “Just do the best you can,” but I know she really wants me to do well. I know I have to do the work but it is so boring. Anyway she makes me do the same thing every single day of the week. I have had enough. I would prefer to work only three days a week – leaving me time to do other things with my life.”

Fed Up 10

Dear Eleven Plus Tutor

I have to write three different eleven plus examinations this year. This means that I have to study four different subjects. I don’t mind doing extra English because I like the subject – but I hate doing the silly comprehension passages from olden day books. The passages are so boring. Why can’t we do comprehension from books that are more modern?

Other children that I know do not have to do non verbal reasoning. I only do non verbal because my mum and dad want me to try for a school that wants non verbal in the eleven plus examination. I don’t really want to go to that school because the buildings are so old. I like new looking buildings.

Anyway, why do I have to do three different examinations? Why can’t I do just one test and then have the results sent to all the schools?

Please Help 11

Dear Eleven Plus Tutor

Please talk to my mum and dad. I don’t want to do the eleven plus. They want me to go to grammar. I don’t want to.

I don’t want to have to work hard for the examination and then probably fail and so go to a comprehensive.

I really want to go to college and learn how to sail my boat. I love going on the water and don’t think that I want to go to 6th form in a school and then go to university. I would much rather spend my time sailing. If I get good I could go to the Olympics and think that that would be much better.

Please can you do something to help? Mum and dad just do not listen.

Help 10 and a bit

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