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Friday, February 13, 2009

Eleven Plus Plans

One concern parents must have is just how well their child is learning. The poor mite has slaved on papers, worked with parents and attended a tutor. He or she HAS to pass. After all this effort, however, just how much has been learnt?

It is quite easy. The tutor is teaching Plan A. The child is studying through papers – Plan B. Parents are working on Plan C. (Plan C is trying to manage the whole Eleven Plus project – along with good solid parent input.)

Scenario 1

Child learns Plan A – and is tested through Plan B.

If Plan A is working there should be an effect on Plan B.

Scenario 2

Child does daily papers on Plan B – supported by tutor on Plan A.
Child is tested by tutor on Plan A – supported by parents on Plan C.

Scenario 3

Learns on Plan A and Learns on Plan B
Supported by Plan C
Tested by Plan A and Tested by Plan B.
Tested by Plan C.

Underpinning the whole deal is the candidate who is in the top groups at school. The teacher is keen on academic study and pushes hard with mathematics and English. The head teacher is keen on the idea of pupils going to `good’ schools.

The reality is that the scenarios meld and blend into each other. The plans co-exist with successes and failures. The `candidate’ has good day and bad days. It is really a pity that we have to be realistic about the eleven plus – because it is good to dream!

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