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Monday, February 09, 2009

An Eleven Plus Wind Up

What does the parent of an Eleven Plus child do if their child is still having difficulty with reading? Some children will dislike reading because they have a problem with reading and understanding words. Other children may not read because their parents don’t read, and there are no books in the house other than books from school.

Some children at the age of eleven will not read simply because they do not choose to. Their parents may have been nagging theme for years to read – and their child understands that reading is very important to the parent. A battle of will begins.

“If you continue to nag me about reading, I simply won’t read. You can’t make me. I will just sit and look at the page. I am not reading.” Some children appear to prefer to argue about what they should and should not be doing – and this leaves little time to do what is expected of them.

“Right, if you won’t read those lovely books I bought your for Christmas, and it is nearly February, you can not: (Pick any one of the following: Watch T.V. Go swimming. Have your friend over. Get your pocket money this week.”

“Mum, you should know this by now. The more you pressure me, the less likely I will do what you want. I don’t like reading. I sometimes find it hard to decode words I don’t know. Please help!”

“Well I don’t know about that. If I don’t pressure you then you don’t do anything at all. There are other children in this household. They all read. I read. Your father reads. Your grandparents read. Your sister reads. You actually can read – but you choose not to.”

“Well when I read my eyes get tired. The words dance around the page. I get bored very quickly. Anyway I am too old for the books you got me for Christmas. They are just boring, and for younger children.”

“We have had this argument before. Books are fun. They can be exciting and you can learn a lot. I have told you before. I have this feeling that I should be doing more to encourage you to read. All you do is say that you don’t like reading, but you never give us a chance.”

“Oh, all right then. I will read three pages before I go outside.”

“Thank you.”

“But I won’t read any more.”

“I really am tired of arguing with you. It is your future. I have had enough.”

“Sorry mum, I was just winding you up. I will go and read now. Is there anything else I can do to help? I really do love you.”

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