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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eleven Plus Timing

Some parents must think sometimes, that helping their child towards the Eleven Plus has elements of a full time and intensive job.

Issue a reminder about Eleven Plus work
Supply an answer to a statement of intent.
Offer something to eat.
Offer something to drink.
Supply food and drink.
Accept thanks with a smile
Help to find an Eleven Plus verbal reasoning book
Suggest an exercise
Discuss whether a different page should be used
Help with first question
Take washing out of washing machine
Return to candidate
Help with a different question
Turn kettle on
Answer a yelled question
Make tea
Walk into room with tea, mark work done so far, drink refreshing tea
Wonder at intelligence of child
Hope for a miracle
Answer telephone
Reassure child that you will not be long
Discuss Question 34 with friend
Accept advice
Return to lounge
Drink cooling tea
Allow min to go blank – just for a second
Climb wearily to feet
Return to scene of study
Hug child
Discuss answer to question 34
Leave room

Look at watch and wonder that only twenty minutes have passed since you and your child have arrived home from school.

Time does fly when you are having fun!

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