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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Eleven Plus Teachers

What sort of person becomes an Eleven Plus tutor or teacher? The answer is simple. It takes all sorts. Somewhere along the way the Eleven Plus teacher or tutor has had to go to school for many years. The majority will probably have gone on to study at sixth form or in a sixth form college. Most, but not all, will have gone on to take a professional qualification.

Over recent years there have tended to be more woman teachers than men. There is one point which may or may not be relevant – there is probably a much higher proportion of teachers who have had one or both teachers in the teaching profession.

There is a chance that your eleven plus teacher will hold radical views – but most will probably be rather conformist in their thinking. Some parents will be attracted to an eleven plus teacher with green hair and torn jeans. Other parents will want to put their trust in rather more formal attire.

A number of parents would probably prefer to work with a teacher who appears to like children. You may be drawn to your prospective eleven plus tutor who actually looks at your child – and addresses friendly remarks. Most of us, however, will probably remember teachers who did not seem to like children.

When you look at the C.V. of your prospective eleven plus teacher, you could be attracted to read in the hobbies section that the person who will be preparing your child for the eleven plus likes reading. There must be some wonderful and inspiring teachers, however, who don’t read.

We all know of teachers who do not appear to fit any criteria. After all teachers are like the rest of the general populations. Teachers come in all shapes and sizes. The amount and degree of their eleven plus expertise will vary from teacher to teacher.

All you can hope is that your child feels happy and secure – and is motivated to want to do well. (The same with your teacher!)

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