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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Eleven Plus Learning Patterns

There are a number of different ways that your child make progress during your Eleven Plus saga. Sometimes you will feel that there is week by week progress, while at other times there may appear to be little progress – and then a sudden spurt. No one type of pattern is usual.

Some parents will be attempting to measure progress on a week by week basis, other will try to test their children more infrequently. For the sake of discussion we could use the Bond 10 – 11 Verbal books – aimed at 10 minutes study slots.

Steady Improvement Pattern

Here you child will make progress week by week. Sometime this could be quite desirable.

Sudden Improvement Pattern

This is where you may feel that your child is not making much progress, and then there is a sudden jump. This could be when you child has not really grasped something on a week by week basis – and then the penny drops.

A Plateau Pattern

Progress is being made – suddenly a plateau emerges where nothing seems to happen. There could be progress week after week – and then suddenly it seems that learning is not taking place.

Irregular Patterns

Parents will find this difficult as they will not know what their child is doing. One week the child is up, another it will seem as if nothing at all ha been learnt.

Small Improvement Pattern

This is where you will feel that your child is just not making much progress. You may need to explain that in eleven plus terms it is all very well to be slow and methodical, but at times there really does need to be a burst of energy and performance.

Look back to learning to drive. Your driving instructor will have observed all these patterns in you. Think about taking an advanced driving course. Ask your instructor to grade you (1 – 5) each lesson. You will hope that your instructor will offer lots of praise and encouragement even when things are not going too well. This will give you some indication of hum much continuous prise and encouragement your eleven plus child needs.

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