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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

EBay and the Eleven Plus

I read about `Concert Hands’ today. The £6000.00 system includes wrist pilots that help beginners – and the more advanced – to memorise a piece of music in just a few steps. The wrist pilots guide the fingers over the keys.

Can’t you see this in eleven plus terms? Your child puts on a magic wrist band, holds his hand over the paper – and the wrist pilot takes over. Your child could complete a whole paper in less than fifteen minutes! What a saving of time. What a saving of emotion. What a pleasure.

After the eleven plus is over you could sell the `Eleven Plus Band’ on EBay. Think of the bidding as next year’s examination grows closer!

Will there ever be a free market for used eleven plus materials? Will one day families rush to collect bundles of cheap and used books?

EBay Adverts could include:

Used Eleven Plus papers for sale.

Slightly written on NFER papers. Pencil marks only. A good rubber will remove all traces of previous user. Some sections have no writing.

A full set of the Bond Verbal Reasoning and mathematics papers. The set starts with the verbal reasoning papers 7-8 year olds – and ending up with the 11- 12 papers. Some books are hardly used.

A comprehensive collection of free eleven plus papers. Many of the papers have the answers worked out – making it easier for you and your child.

The most expensive part of the second hand eleven plus used paper market could be the post and packaging. With post and packaging at an average £2.75, parents could soon be snapping up bargains.

A set of slight used NFER mathematics papers at only £4.00. Full worked answers for an extra £2.30. All answers checked and verified by both parents. (There were arguments over Question 30 because there is more than one way of solving the problem.)

If the market does grow then there could be opportunities for parents to look out the eleven plus papers and exercises they worked through. Copies of rare editions could add premium prices! Bidding wars on EBay could start.

A boxed set of 1987 verbal reasoning. Used by Dad for grammar school – and then by the son last year. The papers were kept in the attic by the dad’s mother until her grandson was approaching the eleven plus. A quote from the grand mother: “My grandson has done better on the papers that his dad, my son, did.” Only £4.50 and p and p for just £2.75.

In the end you do offer an EBay bundle.

One slightly used `Eleven Plus Band’ and a pile of slightly used eleven plus papers.

Bidding needs to start at £ ……..

Any takers?

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