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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Little Green Men and the Eleven Plus

Our Eleven Plus system must be looked at with some interest by outsiders. Not only do we have different interpretations of our educational systems within schools but we also select some children to be taught in specialist academic schools. There is supposed to be an all embracing National Curriculum - designed to even out pressures on teachers and schools. Standards with schools seem to be climbing every year – and this rise presents more and more children with wonderful opportunities.

What would a Martian find if he or she arrived in a green space ship into an area where the eleven plus was offered?

The Martian would find some happy parents, secure in the knowledge that they had children who would be able to pass the examination – and then go onto to profit from an academic education. There could be other children who tried very hard – and still would not pass.

It is difficult to know if a Martian, approaching the problem of the eleven plus and grammar schools, would opt for a wholesale re-introduction of a much castigated system of education.

There may still be a few children who would love their eleven plus preparation to be carried out by little green men.

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