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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Eleven Plus Ambition

Parents may need to remind themselves at times that they are working towards the eleven plus because they think that their child has talent and ability.

Most parents approaching the eleven plus experience for the first time will be enthused with good will and good intentions. Along with this dream come excitement, elation and feelings of inspiration.

If your daughter or son has talent then you want him or her to fulfil his or her potential. As parents start on the eleven plus journey they will be aware of the need to collect vast quantities of information along the way.

Of course with so many available books, papers, lessons and courses, parents may think that they are missing something. Some parents may even feel a sense of compulsion. “I must collect as many papers as possible in case we miss some vital question that is located in some obscure paper.”

All that most parents can achieve is some form of approximation of the type of work that is needed for their child. It will be impossible for most parents to cover every type of question in great detail. Their bright eleven plus child may remark calmly: “Relax mum, dad it is in the bag.”

One commodity, however, that most parents struggle to enjoy – is time. Time, in eleven plus terms, is remorseless.

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