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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Eleven Plus and the Internet

When we look at some eleven plus questions it can seem that the nature and the content of the examination has changed very little. While some of the curriculum and some of the questions may seem to be outmoded at times, there has been a rapid explosion of ways and means in how children acquire eleven plus knowledge and understanding.

Margaret Mead,an anthropologist, remarked some sixty years ago that because of the fantastic rate of change in the world, children of five have already incorporated into their thinking ideas that most of their elders will never assimilate.

Today the Internet allows eleven plus children access to a wonderfully wide range of papers and ideas from all over the country. Children and parents do not need to rely on the local and favoured eleven plus teacher.

Perhaps one day there will be a rethink of the eleven plus that will take into account the manner and speed children learn.

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