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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Eleven Plus Laws

I can't remember who said it, but somebody said it once.

The most dangerous concept ever introduced in politics is the idea that the solution to any problem involving humans is simple.

The news today was full of the conditions under which Members of Parliament were going to be able to employ members of their family. For some MPs, in the past, having a spouse working as a researcher or secretary must have felt like sailing down the River Thames on a gravy boat. We hope they had good working relationships. It looks as if some families were able to spend their money wisely on second mortgages. But rules are approaching to break up the cosy set up.

Some family businesses, however, have immense problems with members of the family trying to treat the business as an extension of family life. The hallowed halls of Westminster must, we hope, have provided an atmosphere of quiet and conscientious deliberation.

The shock factor of the exposure of the extent to which some Members of Parliament were able feather their nest will impact on all our lives for years to come. We hope the next posse of Members of Parliament will govern with dignity and wholesome respect for their position.

One day we can expect parliament to look more closely at the eleven plus. Parliament may decide to do something about the eleven plus. Parliament may decide to pass the 'Eleven Plus Law'.

Law One
Just because public opinion has stopped us (parliament) working with members of our family, no child will be allowed to work with their mother, father or any other member of their family. (If this law seems strange think of all the other laws passed in the last fifty years by parliament.)

Law Two
Parents will not be able to talk about or share ideas about the eleven plus with other parents.(Some schools will not countenance any significant discussion on the eleven plus.)

Law Three
Any parent who asks the family doctor for any form of medication to help their child do well in the examination will be banned. (Appeals will be heard by the Law Courts of Europe. No child can be denied an education that he or she is worthy of.)

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