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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Eleven Plus Chances

Some children may find the relationship between passing an eleven plus examination and future success a rather difficult concept to understand.

“If you pass your eleven plus, and go to university, you will get a good job with a nice house and a lovely car.”

“Well Dad did it without going to university. He sometimes says that he is doing better than some of his friends who went to university.”

One way of trying to explain to children, who have the ability to do well academically, is the difference between a `operator’ and a `supervisor’.

The operator is mainly concerned with machines and materials. The supervisor is concerned with human beings.

The difference between an operator and a supervisor or foreman is probably much bigger than the difference between the supervisor and the director of the company.

Try explaining to your child that the operating success of a business often owes much to the middle management who do get to communicate with workers. The future direction of the business, however, is down to the directors – with input, hopefully, from all the staff.

Passing the eleven plus and going to university gives the opportunity to choose what sort of job or a person wants to do. Some very able children, who could pass the eleven plus, can easily land up as happy and contented adults doing something that they want to do. Grammar school and university needs to be a goal for some – but not all.

“Well Mum. I have listened to what you say. I don’t want to go to university. I don’t want to go to grammar. I want to be just like Dad.”

“You may change your mind later on – and then it could be much harder. Why not try to pass the eleven plus, try grammar school. If you don’t like it you can still change your mind when you are older. Please, just give yourself a chance.”

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