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Friday, January 07, 2011

Eleven Plus Incentives

Some parents, sometimes, may be encouraged to offer their children incentives to do with the eleven plus. The work to be rewarded could range from completing three questions to working through a full paper. Naturally there will be some children who will never need any incentive – and we can all envy these lucky parents and children.

For an incentive to be successful it needs to be something that appeals to an eleven plus candidate’s character. Parents who are aware will immediately distinguish between a bribe and an incentive. A bribe can come back and haunt you. An incentive should rank in the `happy memory bank’.

Parents may prefer an incentive of a meal, a show and a night at an expensive hotel. If only children had the monetary depth to be able to send their parents on an `away weekend’. (“Just to get them out of my hair.”)

If your child loves sensation then you could offer a day with a celebrity.

An active eleven plus child may enjoy an experience on a paint ball site.

The discerning parents may try to find an incentive that meets their child’s needs.

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