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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eleven Plus New Year Resolutions

A mere thirty days ago you and you eleven plus child sat down to discuss the `Eleven Plus Resolutions’. The promise and resolutions were made in a spirit of reconciliation and pledges. Some will have been easier to keep than others. Examination candidates, and their mentors, will give their word to almost any thing if they think it will help.

(Some resolutions apply to the child, some to the parent and some are shared by both.)

I resolve to behave in such a way that I will respect the needs of the eleven plus and will work as hard as I can.

I will be polite and respectful to my mother and father (to my son or daughter) at all times. I will never raise my voice – unless I am excited by a correct answer.

I will keep my eleven plus materials neat, clean and well organised. I will pick up and put away. I will never leave a used cup or class on the hallowed eleven plus desk. I will always put any cutlery away.

I will do my eleven plus work when it is time to work. I will not argue or seek arguments. I will try hard to maintain a steady and purposeful direction towards the examination.

I will make reasonable adjustments to my work schedule. I know that one meaning of the word `reasonable’ is `in accord with common sense’. (I understand that definitions of the words `common sense seem to vary from generation to generation.)

I will treat everything to do with the eleven plus with dignity and forbearance.

It is not hard to understand why sometimes it is hard to maintain the intent of too numerous `New Year Eleven Plus Resolutions’. The old eleven plus proverb (borrowed from antiquity) maintains that it is impossible to square the circle. All parents and their children can do is their best.

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