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Monday, January 10, 2011

Eleven Plus Parents and Children

The parents of eleven plus children have the ability to wield considerable power. “He who pays the piper calls the tune.” Parents have a variety of ways of assessing a teacher’s ability to prepare their child for the eleven plus.

One vital method is their child’s attitude to the lessons and the extra work generated by the eleven plus. Personal recommendation must also play a part as parents discuss the teacher with other parents. The teacher’s past eleven plus record must also be important. Some parents will also rely on their own very personal reaction to the teacher.

Eleven Plus teachers are concerned with far more than being simple purveyors of eleven plus preparation. There is the important matter of the intellectual development of the child. After all the very title `verbal reasoning’ implies that there could be a need to develop and stretch a child’s reasoning ability.

Some children may also need some elements of social training – where help is offered to the child to understand the implications studying largely academic subjects. This could include the need to understand that a candidate can not give up in the middle of an examination. Some children may need to learn how to cope with pressure of time. Other children may need some assistance with breaking day dreaming habits.

The eleven plus teacher is also concerned with helping the child to become organised. Books and papers have to be put away after use. The child needs the right equipment – a sharpened pencil, for example, must help! The child has to arrive at a lesson and leave on time.

Children, however, often have reasonably simple requirements from an eleven plus teacher:

Is the teacher fair, patient and friendly?

Does the teacher have a sense of humour?

Is the teacher willing to answer questions?

Will the teacher provide a safe and secure environment?

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