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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Eleven Plus Predictions

How will parents be certain that their child will be able to react in a positive manner in the actual eleven plus examination?

First of all parents must know their child pretty well by the time the eleven plus examination comes along. There will have been many different opportunities for a child to be able to prove the ability to rise to the occasion.

However a mother loves her child, and is able to see more than strengths, it must be recognised that parents do not have access to a set of objectives they can judge their child by. Predicting eleven plus success is not like predicting consumer trends – there is much more to it than a line on a graph.

Parents are able to look at their children with hearts full of faith and confidence but they can not rely on a scientific formula that will safely predict academic success. A child can walk into the examination with a confident wave of the hand – secure in the knowledge that many hours of work have been spent in preparation. There may even be time for a few cheerful words with close friends. Some children will be able to demonstrate a complete resistance to nerves and feelings of fear and fright.

Why then should a child sometimes emerge with a totally unexpected score? Was there an unforeseen happening to cause a popping of the `concentration bubble’? Did a question emerge that was not in one of the practice exercises? Did something happen at school or at home?

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