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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Eleven Plus Events

1614 Napier invented logarithms. (Etc has online calculators)

1801 Joseph-Marie Jacquard developed an automatic loom controlled by punch cards.

1822 Charles Babbage completed his first model for the difference engine

1936 Alan Turing published the mathematical theory of computing

1951 Launch of Ferranti Mark 1 – the first commercially produced computer

1958 The first minichip

1977 Etc (The Extra Tuition Centre in Zimbabwe) put all pupil’s accounts onto punched cards buying time on a micro computer

1981 IBM launched the IBM PC

1990 Microsoft released Windows 3

1993 Intel launched the Pentium chip

1997 Etc developed ACTION – linking standardised test results to National Curriculum

2009 etcACTION delivers online lessons using Microsoft’s Live Meeting using video and white boards

Good luck to all Eleven Plus children and their parents in 2011.

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