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Friday, December 31, 2010

Eleven Plus Questions and Answers

Parents are often in a position in power – especially when their eleven plus child wants the same thing.

“Oh Mum, Dad, please may I have …. “

It may, at times, be a little more difficult to obtain answers to questions you pose. You can, for example, ask a series of formal questions.

“Do you really want to do the eleven plus or should we stop work now?”

“Why did you not complete the paper before going out? You said you would.”

Parents can also ask some rather more informal questions.

“What is your attitude to completing this paper?”

“Do you think that it is desirable that we work together towards the examination?”

Some parents will be able to respond to most answers in a straightforward and rational manner, other parents will find the similar answers to be highly complex and emotional.

Who said it was easy?

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