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Saturday, December 25, 2010

More Eleven Plus Haste, less Eleven Plus Speed

Thank you for taking the time to read these thoughts today. This is a simply a plea to any eleven plus boys and girls who have been given eleven plus papers or exercises - just say no thanks, perhaps later on?

There is possibly a rather slight connection between the eleven plus and poetry. The eleven plus is taken by many – but comparatively few pass. Many children and adults will read novels – but few will read poetry. Poetry can be considered as a waste of time by some, or as a luxury by others.

If only there was a place for poetry in some parts of the eleven plus examination. This may encourage some children to think clearly, and to become, possibly, a little more involved in literature.

I sometimes think of Marcus when watching some children work through some types of eleven plus question.

A Record!

Marcus, the world’s worst runner, ran so slow
He finished seventh in a race for six. How so?
Among the crowd a friend came out to greet him;
Running along with Marcus, lo – he beat him!

(Translated by Michael Lewis.)

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