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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Eleven Plus Record Breakers

The snow is with us. Lessons have been curtailed. The innovative Etc team brings fresh life into the Eleven Plus arena. We are trying a world record attempt on Saturday.

All our Year 5 children have been invited to take part in free eleven plus lessons. This record attempt is by invitation only.

We have sent the following message:

Beat the snow and join our online world record attempt.

Please join us, if you are a current pupil, for our record attempt to host the biggest ever FREE 11 plus online lesson.

You will hear the teacher giving the different mathematics, verbal and nonverbal reasoning lessons. You will be able to write and type on your computer screen and if you have a microphone you will be able to talk to the teacher and your 11 plus classmates.

To see what’s on offer this Saturday and to book onto the free 11 plus lessons simply log onto your Online lesson area.

This exciting Saturday event is brought to you by the Etc team, always striving to make your 11 plus journey as exciting and ground breaking as possible.

Your child’s success is our first prize!

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