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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Predicting Eleven Plus Success

Is there any truth in some of the sayings or `wise tales’ of yester year?

Premise One
The oldest child acts the role of the responsible one. This is the child who takes life seriously and tends to boss others around.

Premise Two
The second child takes on a role of being sociable and well liked.

Premise Three
The other members of the family take on a variety of roles – often it hard to predict.

If any of these predictions are true, and only any can be true, then would it be easier to forecast who will pass the eleven plus?

Some children are remarkably adept at maintaining two sets of rules. One set for home – and another when they are away from home. An example of this often occurs with language where a child will naturally use a set of formal grammar that has no place in the child’s vocabulary while away from the home.

Parents sometimes find that their child will work happily through an eleven plus paper – if the paper is set by the teacher. “Oh yes, Mrs Brown. Of course I will complete the paper. Thank you.”

“Oh, Dad. I hate papers. I don’t want to do one. So there.”

If the original premise is correct, is it easier to encourage a first born to complete a paper than any other sibling in the family?

Would a second born complete a paper just to make you happy – in a selfless and engaging manner?

Would the third born react in an unpredictable manner if asked to complete a paper?

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