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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eleven Plus Attitudes

If your child achieved a high mark on a reputable eleven plus paper you may, possibly, want to celebrate. You may want to congratulate your child using effusive terms.

“Oh, my dear! Well done. I am so proud of you. You have done much better that I ever expected. Keep it up, dear!”

There would, of course, be some parents who would say, “Well next time don’t make so many mistakes. Think before you answer. I want to see 100%. Nothing less will satisfy me.”

Other parents would offer a quick hug, send the children to bed, phone a few friends and settle down to serious celebration. The thought of a little wine may lubricate the thought patterns!

A Magnum holds two bottle of wine.

The Jereboam holds about four bottles.

The Methuselah holds eight bottles.

The Nebuchadnezzar is about 15 litres or around twenty bottles.

You would need to choose your friends accordingly. With two further couples you, and your friends, would make a serious dent into any or all of the wine on offer.

If the evening was successful you would then need to choose which approach to offer to your child. Should you suggest that because your child did so well you would be prepared to offer a further reward if he or she could emulate or better the previous result. Would it be better, however, to warn your child that there would be trouble if the previous result was not improved?

You and your friends could then debate which approach would motivate an eleven plus child?

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