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Friday, December 17, 2010

Eleven Plus Calories

We are told that an adult male needs about three thousand calories a day. A boy aged from thirteen to sixteen needs about two hundred more. During the later teens the daily need rises to about three thousand eight hundred.

The average amount an average female needs is around two thousand five hundred, after which girls need about two thousand eight hundred from thirteen to sixteen – after which the amount, apparently, declines rather slowly.

How many calories does an eleven plus child need?

Surely it would be invaluable if some enterprising mum or dad, who attends one of the major slimming concerns, developed a scheme to monitor the calories of their eleven plus child.

We see some children attending our three days courses who bring `wholesome’ looking food. Other children bring chocolate, biscuits and crisps. This may be rather slim evidence on which to base a premise. It may need a controlled study to investigate the dietary needs of growing, academic eleven plus children.

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