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Friday, December 03, 2010

The Eleven Plus, Yoga, and Belly Dancing

Would some parents think it a close run thing if they had to choose between belly dancing and yoga to reduce stress? By now much of the country will have been affected by the snow – and the proximity of their children. After all there are only so many snowmen or toboggan runs that can be entertained. Eleven plus children living on farms will have had the advantage of being able to take food to the sheep.

The advantage of yoga is that it can help to combat the strains of everyday living – while combining mental and physical fitness. After all if any parents have managed to encourage their children to do two papers a day over the last few days may need some form of formal relaxation. Do you remember the phrase `a purveyor of nostrums’? That is when parents began to question their sanity. Where they look at the intelligence and diligence of their children and wonder if they have been deluding themselves for years. The word `yoga’ means a union of the body and spirit. Yoga could help some with the strains of worry, tension and strain.

Belly dancing, however, seems to combine health giving exercise along with dance exercise. Belly dancing can be considered as an art form – with communication between the dancers and the audience.

In both yoga and belly dancing participants will need to learn movements. In both belly dancing and yoga parents will be able to let their imaginations run riot. Both activities will be good for the body and the soul. After all the fitter the eleven plus parent is, the fitter the parent will be able to cope with their snow bound child.

Suggestion One
Ten eleven plus questions.

Five minutes digging the snow.
Five minutes meditation
Five minutes belly dancing.

Suggestion Two
Give up any thought of eleven plus work.

Ten minutes phoning and texting friends
Ten minutes preparing snacks and drinks
Ten minutes persuading the kids to go to bed.


A prolonged lotus position followed by the dance of the houris.

(Just a suggestion.)

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