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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Information about Online Eleven Plus Lessons

Have you ever wondered what happens in your child’s eleven plus lesson? Would you like to see your child’s response to working with a tutor?

You book the online lesson with the Extra Tuition Centre. Each lesson lasts for an hour. In the lesson you cover the subjects you wish your child to follow. This could be:

Mathematics and verbal reasoning,

Mathematics, along with verbal and non verbal reasoning,

Mathematics, English and verbal reasoning

The combinations of subjects are endless – according to the requirements of the school you are aiming at. There are a multitude of eleven plus solutions.

As well as their own bespoke materials, the Extra Tuition Centre uses the Bond 10 – 11 Nonverbal Reasoning book in some online lessons. All parents have to do is purchase a copy of the book from the Extra Tuition Centre’s own store or from any major bookshop.

Online lessons link the tutor, the child and the parents. As their child sits in the lesson parents can hear what the teacher is saying – and also hear their child’s responses. Parents can also see the teacher’s work – and that of their child on the screen.

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