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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Eleven Plus Countdown

There are only a few days left to Christmas. As we count off the days we owe a lot to the Northern men and women who offered so much to our language.

Tuesday is Tys dag, the day of Tyr. (Tyr was the God of War!)

Wednesday is Wodnes daeg, the day of Woden or Odin. (Odin was the Supreme God.)

Thursday is Dures daeg, the day of Thor. (Thor was the God of Thunder.)

Friday is Frige daeg – Frigg’s day. (Frige was the Mother of the Gods and the wife of Odin.)

In years to come how will some people look back on the Eleven Plus?

History, in the hands of some, may record the examination as an exercise designed to filter bright children into academic schools.

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