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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eleven Plus Opportunities

For years we have teaching thousands of children on an individualised basis. Over this past year we have added group teaching into our developing online environment. A well disciplined and carefully structured class must counter to some extent anxiety from parents that their child will be able to obtain a good lesson.

We have been fascinated by the social interaction between the children from so many different backgrounds within the online lessons. Interaction between children is spontaneous – and allows for the personal preferences of the children. Some, for example, choose to switch their microphones off at times so that the teacher will not call on them – but the same children are happy to write or type their answers or replies on the screen.

Of course there are opportunities for children to have one to one lessons with on line teachers.

The advantage of general online lessons is that the lessons are in the familiar surroundings of the child’s home. A further advantage is that the children are using modern technology over the internet. For an elite number of children this is a far cry from a teacher arriving with a basket of books.

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