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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Eleven Plus Predictions

Eleven plus teachers and tutors are often asked to predict how well they think a child will do in the eleven plus. There are many factors that affect eleven plus success – brains, ability, endurance, good teaching, forbearance, parental input and dedication are just some of the influences.

Back in 1956 a Californian paint manufacturer, Jack Swimmer, wrote down his predictions of the votes that would be cast for Eisenhower.

Los Angles 1 218 462
California 2 875 637
Whole Country 33 974 241

He also wrote a cheque for $5000 and deposited both documents with a charity commissioner clerk. The paper work was put into a wooden box and left in the sheriff’s safe.

After the election newspaper men were called to the sheriff’s office – and the paper was taken out. Swimmer’s perditions were accurate – down to the last digit. He gave the money to charity.

It would be an interesting fund if eleven plus teachers were expected to lay out some of their own money to back up any predictions. Any teacher who said: “It will be all right on the day!” will need to add an extra $1000. Parents could ask the eleven plus teachers to write down the predicted scores. Any major deviation could cost money!

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