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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Eleven Plus Mistakes

What could be the greatest error or mistake a child could make in the actual eleven plus examination?

Running out of time?

Leaving too many questions out?

Too much guessing?

Spending too long on a block of questions?

We have just had Christmas and that brings to mind the story about a couple who took a taxi home after Christmas shopping. After they unpacked their parcels they found that they had one too many packages.

They unwrapped it and found a leather jewel case packed with diamonds, emeralds and rubies. The value, at today’s levels, would be around five million pounds.

The couple took the parcel to the police who found the owner.

The owner was the Great Duchess Zenia and she was carrying part of the Russian Crown Jewels.

What can you say that will help your child to avoid making some uncalled for error?

Most of us will use repetition.

Others will hope that sustained practice will help.

Parents will naturally rely on their child’s common sense to avoid any slip-ups and incomprehensible errors.

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