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Friday, August 12, 2011

After the Eleven Plus

Your child may be in the car for some time over the school holidays. Some trips may be towards eleven plus `events’ and other for social or sporting activities. (Some may even be shopping!)

If the days are hot, and your child needs a reward – then you could offer an ice cream. To prevent the cone dripping, cut a hole in the centre of a paper plate and insert the cone. Try to make sure your child continues to contemplate the effect of the length of the radius on the spread of the ice cream!

If your child continues to `mumble’ about the heat, the air conditioning, the length of the journey, fatigue, hunger, thirst or any other sort of grumble – then help is at hand. Dig out the hot water bottle last used in the last energy crisis. Fill the bottle with crushed ice and put it on the back seat.

Finally – and I am not sure that you will get away with this one – but if you reward your eleven plus daughter with a trip to the beach, and you find that her costume is a little too small, then cut the costume into a bikini, then hem the raw edges. You and your daughter may even choose to add a little trim. I would interested in your daughter’s comments.

I digress – what are you going to do with all those used and unused eleven plus papers when the examination is over? Naturally you could recycle some or even keep some for the next sibling or relative. Suggestions on a post card please. Thank you.

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