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Monday, August 29, 2011

Eleven Plus Advice

The Eleven Plus examination for this year is growing closer. Children will be entering the end game. Their parents will have developed, over the past year, a general strategy or approach to the examinations. There will possibly have been many twists and turns for some families – along with some ups and downs. Very few families will have been able to have a completely smooth run but parents will have done the best they can.

The `End Game’ in chess is of great importance since it is possible for a good end-game player to retrieve a disadvantageous position. A good beginning and a solid middle-game must help the preparation for the end game. Checkmate is possible against a solitary King by King and Queen, King and Rook, King and two Bishops and King, Bishop and Knight. In all of these cases the King is driven into a corner. Remind your child not to be driven into a corner!

We have just watched some children doing mock eleven plus papers. Some children left blanks when they did not know the answer. Please! Please! Help your child with an end-game. No blanks on an answer paper!

Your final words before your child walks into the examination need to be stirring and memorable. If your child is playing a game on the computer while you are offering words of wisdom – then strength and fortitude is needed.

“Enough, dear! Look at me. You are going into an examination room. Keep your wits about you. If you have to guess – then at least read the question twice! Try not to leave any blank answers. Mark your answer sheet clearly.

You have worked hard and prepared carefully. You may meet the odd question that will stretch you but just do your best.

Finally – visit the toilet before you walk into the examination.

Good Luck!

Remember, we believe you will just do your best.”

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