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Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Eleven Plus and A Level Results

Congratulations to all the `A’ Level students on their A Level results. We wish them every success in the future and hope that they are happy and successful in their future careers.

The sort of question that we would expect an A Level pupil to answer during the duration of the A Level Statistics course suggest that A Level results, in some fields, are not being dumbed down.


Comparison of Eleven Plus Results

Hypothesis 1: There is no difference in the 11 Plus results in Kent and the rest of the country.

Hypothesis 2: The 11+ results follow a normal distribution.

Hypothesis 3: There is no correlation between the length of time spent in Kent on 11+ preparation and that spent in the rest of the country.


Anecdotal data from parents and tutors. Eleven plus results region by region.


Frequency tables
Normal Curve


Hypothesis 1: Is there a difference between 11+ results in Kent and the rest of the country? Are there other areas like a possible difference in eleven plus examinations that need to be looked at?

Hypothesis 2: Why should eleven plus results follow a normal distribution?

Hypothesis 3: Was there a significant difference in the time spent by candidates from Kent compared to the rest of the country?

A Level students would be expected to be able to devise methods of collecting and analysing the data. A Level students would be expected to be able to draw conclusions about the data.

Depending on the findings, should parents move into Kent or out of Kent if they want their child to do well in Eleven Plus examinations? Your eleven plus child will be answering questions like this in just a few years time!

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