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Saturday, August 27, 2011

After The Eleven Plus

What lies after the eleven plus?

Grammar school for some.

A father of one of our earlier eleven plus children told us of his son’s GCSE results. 7 A* and 5A Levels. These are wonderful results. The boy, however, had lost almost half of his eleven plus year through illness. When he could he worked with incredible determination towards the eleven plus. Our conversation passed onto what lay ahead. He is to take Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, French and English at A Level. The family had heard that top universities liked a second language.

The options are wide:


A rich cultural experience – and the chance of meeting and making a wide circle of friends
A university qualification is necessary to many jobs.

A problem lies in the higher tuition fees. Students could leave with debts of around £27 000


Apprentices are paid!
There is the potential of a job after the apprenticeship.

Not all occupations offer an apprenticeship. A degree could offer wider choices.

Gap Year

Travel, developing maturity and building confidence

It is like putting everything off for a year.

The best choice?

Many eighteen year olds are remarkably resilient. 7 A*s and 5As gives a solid foundation for a well reasoned decision.

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