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Sunday, August 07, 2011

Twenty Eleven Plus Questions

What are the problems that parents will face when they decide on a DIY Eleven Plus? Parents already have a good grounding in dealing with their children and are well used to any vagaries and peccadilloes. In fact parents are more than likely to be the best possible `Eleven Plus Tutor’. Parents do have to sort a few things out in their minds. The goal, and the journey towards the examination, is, however, achievable. “If we work together we can do it!”

What books and which selection papers do we need?

Do we use cast off papers or buy fresh clean copies?

How do we cope with poor child if he or she does not feel in the mood?

What do we do if our child has copied some answers?

Do we go back over questions to revise and re-teach – or do we keep pressing on?

Do we back off sometimes and have a break or do we keep going throughout all the seasons?

Do we even think about extra help or do we remain confident in our own ability?

What do we do if a question is just too hard?

Do we spend more time on weak subjects and topics or do we try to maintain a regular routine?

How do we cope with our child if there is some evidence that he or she is becoming stressed?

Do we plan for a break during the holidays before the examination?

How do we make time to spend time with our candidate?

What do we do if the phone rings in the middle of an intimate eleven plus session?

Do we sit beside our child during our work together or can we wander off and wait to be called back?

Should we rely on the on-line test results?

Do we discuss our child’s progress with family and friends or do we smile and maintain that the family is doing the best it can?

How much say should we offer our child in determining what work should be done?

Is there any point in doing `just ten minutes a day’ or would more depth help?

Is the school going to help?

Should we just move out of the grammar school area?

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