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Sunday, August 21, 2011

An Eleven Plus Story

If you are setting out to make a point to your child about how to enjoy good conduct in the eleven plus examination you could consider using an exemplum. An exemplum is a brief story that is used to:

make a point

teach people a lesson

support an argument.

Some parents, trying to maintain a good relationship with their eleven plus children, may feel that they need a little more than a positive connection. They may want their child to feel that individual needs are being heard and listened to. Some parents may even feel that they want their child to be offered a large measure of self control while carrying out eleven plus work. A key reason for parents to adopt this approach will be an attempt to bolster their child’s self esteem.

Some eleven plus parents, however, may feel that they need to try to maintain a distance between being a warm loving parent and an effective eleven plus teacher. We can recall how we used to call our teachers `Sir’ or `Miss’. Perhaps children will need to call their parents, at times, `Eleven Plus Sir’ or `Eleven Plus Miss’. This may help to maintain the necessary convention.

Is there a moral in this story?

The emotional tone and atmosphere of an eleven plus lesson needs careful thought and due consideration for the feelings of all parties. What an exemplum!

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