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Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Tale of Eleven Plus Onions

Someone in the family, many years ago, may have read about Mr. Blazevics. He grew onions ready cooked. One Sunday morning he uprooted an onion and found that the layers fell away as if they had been cooked in boiling water. He invited reporters to come and observe his ready cooked onions.

He discovered that a particular patch of earth in the allotment was hot to the touch – a thermometer from his fish tank registered 100oF. He thought that he had dug through an electric cable. Of course, in time, scientists came along and tested the soil for radio-activity.

A lecturer from Bradford University solved the problem. A layer of compost had been dug in about a spade’s depth below the surface. The compost had not broken down because of the severe winter. The reaction of bacteria with fertiliser had caused the intense heat.

If you want your eleven plus child to be hot on the day of the examination then start early with plenty of eleven plus fertiliser – offer lots of papers and exercises.